Saturday, April 22, 2017

Drawing in London II

Continuing with previous entry, day 1 of my girls trip to London early this week. I had to think this last sentence because yes, it was early this week but it already feels like I was there eons ago! How quickly do we reintegrate into our lives, it is just amazing.

So I had left it all inside the tube, from Heathrow to London, on day 1.
When we arrived in the city, first we had to put our little luggage somewhere safe and somewhere where we would not have to carry it around. After, we walked towards the city. Just by chance, we arrived in the Buckingham Palace and there were lots of people around for the Guards change. In all the times I'd been in London before I'd never been there to see that! (Maybe, next time, I'll get to draw it as well... ;) )

After the show, we continued walking through St James Park, had lunch, and arrived to The Big Ben and then YES!, I told my trip friends to go ahead without me for a quick glance to the Thames, and I stayed there. Finally, my first sketch in London!

They were back just as I was finishing, and we took a double-decker bus to Trafalgar Square. The bus was real quick, but our girls were so happy to be sitting in the top front of the mythical red bus. Just as we arrived, Maitane and Anouk climbed into the lions in Nelson's column, and I took a moment to sketch while Rebecca took pictures.

You can see the day was actually quite fresh and very cloudy. After lunch in the park we were still cold so we headed to Covent Garden for a hot drink. Drawing there was not possible, but, dear London, I will be back!

The day came to its end and it was time to go home. Our friend's brother and sister in law (and uncle and auntie) were so nice to take us in, and as always, we profited of a trip on a double-decker bus, with our two girls in the front. You won't believe it, but they managed to be in the front line in all of the buses we took!

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