Thursday, April 20, 2017

Drawing in London I

These three last days I left the mountains and villages that typically surround me for a quick and intense trip to London. I wasn't alone, but I did what I could and sketched any moment possible. Because it is not always that I can sketch in a big city with lots of people!!
I tried to sketch quickly to not make others wait for me, but my trip partners (my daughter, a friend of hers and her mother) were also very understanding and willing to let me draw. Thank you, girls!!

I documented this trip with a total 18 sketches, that I will be sharing in various days, as all of them would probably make too many for a single entry. 

First day: Monday 17/04/17

Before Getting to London

The trip started early on Easter Monday morning. And nothing to start better a trip, than to sketch its first moments!

Arriving at the airport before dusk, we got to see how the sun started raising behind the planes before starting our trip. Security was full with a huge line, but then people dispersed around and there was quite a good silence at the airport gate. I guess that 7 am is too early to talk much...

After a few moments we were embarking already. Plane was not full, so I could take a corridor seat to sketch. How lucky is that?

In the plane to Heathrow :

The flight Geneva - London takes about an 1h 45min, it is not that long... but I am not such a good waiting person. I get impatient after a few moments when I cannot move around. So when I finished the sketch I was really eager to arrive! 

And finally, we were almost there, we landed, we passed the passport control, and took the tube to London!
Here, in the tube, which at that moment I felt it moved like crazy. Then I think I got used to it. The two people in first plane are my daughter's friend and her mother. Then, a man was standing up behind, looking at his phone. And yes, people do look a lot at their phones while commuting, and most do not realise at all I am sketching them ;)

More drawings from London... tomorrow!! 

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