Saturday, January 30, 2016

Celebrating my birthday the best I can!

Today I'm getting many messages from family and friends, everyone wishing me a great day, so I took their advice and went to draw!  

Since this afternoon I had to go to Pougny, a little village next to the Rhone river, and I had some little time over there, it was the perfect moment to sketch a bit. That zone is a bit further from Geneva and thus it hasn't been as much urbanised as where I live, and it was easy to find a place to park and seat for a while. I didn't really have much time, so this one is a very fast sketch. And that car over there, that's where I parked ;)

Monday, January 25, 2016

Sunny Sergy

Nothing's better than going out to draw after having delivered a draft and are waiting for feedback. And it could not have been a better timing, as today it was a sunny and not that cold. So I went out and didn't need my gloves nor my hat nor anything special to keeo some warmth. And when I finished, I wasn't freezing cold! 
In fact, this winter is being a bit strange. Not so cold, with plenty of sunny days, and only with a week of snow so far. I enjoy these days, but I can't help feeling a bit worried... 

I almost never finish a project and start right away with the next one in line, but usually I need at least a day to disconnect from what I've been doing. So after sending in the draft, I took my stuff and went out, not too far, to Sergy, where I've been before. What I realized afterwards, is that I'd drawn this very same road back in October last year. It is one of these roads that make a whole turn, so how could I imagine?

Saturday, January 16, 2016

Going back to Farges

This afternoon I was in Péron again, and I had an hour to draw, so I decided to go back to Farges. I hadn't been there since a long time, years, almost since we arrived in the region and were looking for a house. We then came to Farges to visit a house, and I loved the village. But in the end life brought us to another beautiful village, and Farges is not close to anything in my routine... until now. And it didn't disappointed me, I liked it as much as I'd done back then. It was really fast to find a spot and sit to draw in my foldable stool. This is the main road that traverses Farges, it is called Rue de la République, and it unites the village with the other villages around. With the snow that have fallen in the night, Farges had everything to offer.

Friday, January 15, 2016

A beautiful winter morning

Winter has arrived. Finally! Now let's hope it stays for a while, just until it is supposed to, not more, not less (I do love spring as well). 

It has been snowing for some hours since yesterday morning, generally very softly, but steadily. The snow we accumulated is not much, but enough to cover everything with a few cm layer which the low temperatures will conserve for a few days. But this morning was so sunny and beautiful. Fresh snow, sun, and an intense blue sky. After two weeks raining non-stop, this was a day I had to enjoy. So I left my ongoing work for the afternoon, and went out to draw. I wanted to get higher in the mountain, so the snow layer would be a bit thicker, but I didn't get too far from home. Just next to my village, in Echenevex, I found this old farm and, well, I felt that was the place for today :)

Have a nice weekend!

Saturday, January 9, 2016

A moment in Péron

Last days it has been raining everyday, every time, all the time. Dark and wet days, very humid though not cold, but still the humidity has a way to making it down to the bones... I had work to do, so I stayed indoors, missing going out to draw. Today it is rainy and dark too, but I had to go to Péron in the afternoon, so I took a moment to draw. I've never been much in Péron, maybe twice, and not in the center of the village, but it wasn't difficult to find a spot. Luckily, because I didn't have much time! The drawing is dark, but so is the day...

Ah, and I'm starting the year with a new sketchbook, quite happy about it! :)

Friday, January 1, 2016

Fun with watercolors

Nothing is better than a quiet afternoon, a new brush and a new watercolor box to have fun! I love watercolors. A lot. I love their transparency, and the game with the water. As unpredictable as they can be, they allow for a great variety of effects, can be combined with different techniques, and they are prefect to playing with and leave the hours pass by. What a wonderful way to start this year!!