Saturday, April 29, 2017

Back to the mountains

There couldn't be a best place for us to live than right where we are. In a small village, right in the mountains, with amazing views and beautiful playgrounds for all, children, parents and dog. 

This long weekend my sister-in-law is visiting us, and since it was such a beautiful sunny day we did a short family excursion to the Chapelle de Riantmont, in Vesancy. It was new for all of us, and it worked beautifully. I could even do two sketches! 

This one is the Chapelle:

And just turning myself around, a view that is much appreciated by everyone around here, the Panorama of the Montblanc:

What a wonderful afternoon! Coming back home, everyone was happy.

To finish, a picture of me and my daughter sketching, taken by my sister in law:

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