Monday, March 30, 2015

Publicity for a kindergarten
Publicité pour garde des enfants
Publicidad para jardín de infancia
Flyer and webpage header for a kindergarten. Not a kindergarten in the traditional sense, but a house kindergarten. This is something very stablished at least in France, where the "maman de jour" are recognised by law, but in Spain is just starting now, and hence, not very well known by many. The flyer is printed A6, two sides, one in Catalan and one in Spanish, both with the same design.

Brochure et bande en-tête pour le site à internet d'une maman de jour à Barcelonne. Les mamans de jour sont bien connues en France, mais en Espagne, il faut encore expliquer!
Le brochure est imprimé en taille A6, par deux côtés, un côté en espagnol et l'autre en catalan.

Folleto y cabecera de sitio web para una mamá de día, es decir, un "jardín de infancia en casa". El folleto se imprime en A6, por las dos caras, una en español y la otra en catalán.

Flyer for a house kindergarten. Printed A6, double side, one Catalan, one Spanish.

The same design is adapted for the site's header. If you look at their pictures, you will see why there's an hammock in the design.

Le même dessin est adapté pour la bande en-tête du site à internet. Si vous voyez leurs photos, vous comprendriez pour quoi ils sont tous à l'hamac.

El mismo diseño adaptado para la cabecera de su página web. Si echáis un vistazo a las fotos, comprenderéis por qué hay una hamaca.

Website header.

Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Sketching Torino

A good friend invited me to Torino, and while she was working, I walked around and drawn. Yes, I really felt, for the first time, like a bohemian artist, travelling just to draw and paint!! The truth is that my daily life it is not at all like this, but it was very good to try it, at least once!

This is what I could gasp from Torino in few hours:

The big building is La Mole Antonelliana, the business man and the old man were having a coffee in La Piazza San Carlo, just as I was doing. The two ladies were sitting in a bank enjoying the sun, while I was having a sandwich lunch, two banks next to theirs, in Piazza Cavour, a beautiful square with a red church, drawn in the upper left corner. 

Next time, I hope the Egyptian museum will be open, that promises to be very exciting!