Friday, November 25, 2016

Mothers Talking

Thursday evening, waiting for my daughter to finish her dance class, other mothers were waiting too :) They were talking, I was quickly sketching them.

Wednesday, November 23, 2016


Wednesday afternoon. Gex. It is a bit too humid and rainy, and I feel lazy to draw outside. I go to a bar, and I try something else. Once there I think it is funny how often I drew in bars during my youth, and how little I get to do it now. So I enjoy the moment. It is early afternoon and the bar is calm. There's only few people who seem to be the habituals, as the bartender seems to know everyone by their name. Almost everyone watches the horse races displayed in the TV, and one of the clients wins 4 euros. Then is time for me to go. I ask the lady, and she kindly stamps my sketch. 

As a side note: This is an example on how inspiration works. Because without yesterday's drawing, I probably wouldn't have thought of trying this today ;)
Letting myself go

Drawing is for me, before anything else, a pleasure. And yes, in the end, in life, one must have fun. Because it is only by having fun drawing, that we will draw over and over again, and while drawing, get better. It is funny how often people think we can develop muscle to run a race, but not to draw. And, by "getting better" I don't necessarily mean, as often people think, to be able to draw exactly what you see in front of your eyes. It is more about developing your own unique way to express yourself. To give this special value to things. Think it this way: it is obvious we all have our own handwriting, all beautiful and unique in their own way. Why, if drawing is so much related to handwriting, should be different? 

If you like to draw, just do it. Without thinking too much. This is a free drawing I made yesterday night in one of my multiple "telephone drawing" notebooks, and doing it was fun, and it gave me new ideas for newer drawings that I might think better :) In the end, inspiration, creativity... is all about this. Letting yourself go. Free.

PS. When doing classes I am always faced with the preconception (or misconception!) that drawing well means being able to transfer the reality as it is to a paper with your hands. And how wrong is that. Maybe I'll get to show this one to my students so they'll also learn to let themselves go, without any fear or complex!! 

Sunday, November 20, 2016

Windy, warm and sunny Sergy

This afternoon it was windy, but it was one of these warm winds from the south, so I actually enjoyed it. It was sunny too, perfect for drawing. Also perfect that my youngest son is still in need of a nap so I have an hour to sneak out :) So I went off, and found again this little corner in the Place de la Mairie, in Sergy. I had been here a bit more than a year ago, when that tree still had leaves, and had drawn a larger view. Today I just focused on this tiny and charming shack. 

I will be back here again, some other day, in the morning, because this square has so many more beautiful corners on the other side, today in the shadow.

Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Rooftops in Gex

Another Wednesday afternoon in Gex, but today with my dog. 
In the morning we'd been in the mountain, so I thought he wouldn't mind some rest laying down next to me while I drew. But oh! how mistaken I was!! I got the first whining after 10 minutes! But this time, although he didn't remember the mountain but I did, I ignored him for a bit longer than usual, and then gave him a walk :)

This is the drawing I managed in the end. It's a spot I always walk by on Wednesdays and think, I should sketch this. Well, finally today I felt like it was the day.

And my nice dog, aka "the victim". He really looks bored, poor him :D

Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Washed out

Today we've had the first real snow of the season. You can picture it: everything is white and calm and beautiful, and I am eager to go out and draw. Like every Wednesday afternoon, I have to go to Gex, so I plan to sketch something there. Everything seems to just fit: it is still snowing on my way on to Gex, I have an umbrella, snow is calm and easier to manage than water. I also know beforehand where to go, since some days ago I had discovered a nice spot while walking my dog during my daughter's dancing class. Like I said, everything is just OK.

But oh, when I get myself installed, which is no easy thing (imagine: the snow, my back-pack, the coat, the gloves, my stool... and the umbrella), some wind starts blowing... not too strong, but enough to move my umbrella which I am only keeping in place with my armpit. My sketchbook starts getting soaked in water. I discover that my marker does not work in too wet paper. I turn my stool a bit to at least partially stop the wind with my back. Of course part of my stuff fells down in the snow. I pick it. All OK again. I manage to start. My expectations of what I will manage to do get downer every passing second, but I am OK. It is fun. Then at some point it starts raining, and then yes, that's a mess. Everything is soaked in water. My umbrella never seems to be big enough, and ok, I end up managing something as dirty as the washed snow, and I run away as quick as I can!

Monday, November 7, 2016

Autumn Leaves

It is snowing here, but it is still autumn isn't it? Or at least this is my calendar says. Not the temperatures outside though! 

Anyways, I had some leaves prepared for my students to draw, and there is no better motivation than seeing the drawing of the teacher first, so I went ahead, and I had a lot of fun. I hope they'll enjoy the exercise too :)

Click on the image to view it larger

Friday, November 4, 2016

The post office

This morning it was sunny and beautiful, and not too cold if under the sun. I could have done many things, but what I needed was that bit of time for myself. So I took my stuff and went to sketch the post office in Chevry. I made myself happy, and also my father, since he'd been asking me for this drawing since some time, before that monster that we call progress replaces it by something more modern, more functional, but less charming.

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