Friday, June 14, 2019

La Polvette

Yesterday it was a beautiful day and I had the chance to have a long run planned in a place with many chalets! I don't know if I will draw all of those I passed by yesterday, but I have material for at least a couple for sure. Excited!!

Today's chalet is La Polvette, at 1487m above St Jean de Gonville. You know, it was a first time for me here! I had been very close by from both sides, but always coming up or down in paths right before reaching this chalet. La Polvette is situated between La Chaz and La Capitaine, and below La Grotte de la Marie du Jura. It has wonderful views to the Montblanc, the Crête de l'Eau and the Rhone valley and is easily reachable by 4x4. I love the Jura, all of it, but there are places with more charm than others, and this one touched me.

I happen to know the family who takes care of this ancient chalet, maybe once I will visit them there... :)

There's more interesting info on the chalet in this page:

Monday, June 10, 2019

La Catheline

I am back with more beautiful places in the Jura around home. This one is the Chalet de la Catheline. Some will be surprised as we all mostly know the restaurant La Catheline from the ski slopes, but this restaurant, and the télécabine that reaches its top next to it, take their name from this more ancient pasture chalet, situated just a few meters below towards Lélex, but still in the municipality of Crozet.

The chalet, at 1400m high passing the Col de Crozet, it is very well maintained. It is most likely frequently used, as in winter is easily accessible using the ski resort facilities, and during Summer the 4x4 roads take almost to its door. 

Let's hope the rain gives way to more sunny days and more chalets soon :)