Monday, June 22, 2015

Children's card design and illustration

Recently I came back to my pencil colors to draw illustrations for a card for a child's baptism. It was nice, after what it felt to me like a long time, to color things again with pencils. Painting takes much longer than with watercolors for example, as it is by mixing many soft layers of different colors, drawn with different inclinations, that I have the effects I desire. But it is very relaxing, and it surely does test my patience :) 

Usually I don't think about taking pictures while I work, but this time, as I wanted to show the progress to the person who ordered the card, I didn't forget of doing it, and I can show here the work progress. In this work, the drawing is simple, because is the colors who give the whole magic. Although of course having drawn the right theme is always important!

The card is to be squared, 14 x 14 cm, so I made the drawing proportionally, but a bit larger to gain resolution in small details.

First drawing for the front cover, ready to paint

Coloring progress. I started from the left bottom part until I finished all the mountains and trees. Then I did the sun and the sky. Finally, the sea in the middle, the stork, and the baby throwing up the stars in the sky.

Front cover drawing finished.

Detail of the drawing in the back cover, for which I followed the same process as with the front cover. But it was much faster! :)

Finished card. It folds in the middle, so that the main drawing is in the cover, and the small one in the back.

Picture of the finished card, courtesy of the client.