Tuesday, February 28, 2017

After the hailstorm... at home


Wind, rain, thunderstorms... my dog does not care about anything, he will always want to go out for a walk. And I will take him willingly, because really, everything has its own charm. But I think he liked as much as I did being caught in the hailstorm today. And after that, while some of the children were playing board games, the small one was having his nap, the only thing that felt good for him was to nap too, and for me, to draw again from the sofa, again my living room but probably from a slightly different angle, and probably with more stuff added to the general chaos since the last time I drew it a couple of months ago. 

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Sunday, February 26, 2017

Next to home


Finishing a lovely day today sketching in my road, only two steps from my home door. 

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Sunday, February 19, 2017

Marché de Divonne


Today it's been, so far, a wonderful day. Sunny, bright, and full of things I like to do. After a good hike with my husband and my dog, I've been sketching in Divonne's market while my dad walked around and took some pictures. It has been a year now, since the last time I was in the marché de Divonne, and it is for me a tradition, to go with my father, usually around Christmas, to draw. This year it has been delayed a bit, but we managed anyway.

The market was full of people, and as it is tradition in France, people hanged out in small tables, having a cup of white wine with fresh oysters. Some of them came along, and they were happy to recognise themselves in my sketch. And they were nice enough to give me some conversation and a cup of wine!

And some pictures of the ambience, courtesy of my dad

Sunday, February 12, 2017

Ski race


Today in La Faucille my daughter has participated in her first ski race. I've been there to sketch this special moment :)

First sketch: while she went with her friends and trainer to "recognise" the slope, I invited my father to a coffee. I sketched the cafeteria just for the sake of doing one sketch, my only one today, without my hands freezing...

Second sketch: we arrive to the arrival line. My hands are already cold. The slope is very long (slalom géant) and I don't even see its upper end. In the arrival line there's a small hatch for the commenters. People is checking and validating the slope before the race starts. We discover my daughter was put in the boys group... but no problem, she will run with the girls :)

Third sketch: the organising Club has prepared a small bar (buvette) where they sell crêpes, hot dogs, and hot drinks like tea and hot wine.

Last sketch: My hands have frozen by now. My daughter has already run her first race, we are waiting for the second. This is the view from where the race ends.

And here myself taken by my father....

And a special bonus: the happy skier!

Wednesday, February 1, 2017



Today we've had a taste of Spring. More than 10 degrees temperature, sun and snow melting down. Coming from last weeks' -10C, 10 C positive feels like it is really warm. This might not be ideal for the snow in the mountain, but it is way better for sketching, so off I've been! 

This afternoon, in Gex with my dad and my dog, showing my dad around the places I've lately discovered in the beautiful vieux Gex, I've ended up in the Passage de l'Abondance, where I was last October, today drawing it from another angle, and focusing more in the messy and ancient rooftops. And this one, with just the lines, as no color is needed to translate to paper the charming chaos of the rooftops in this little street.

And a couple of pictures that my dad took :)