Tuesday, August 23, 2016

At home


Today after lunch I was so bored. One of these very heavy boredoms, where anything you can think about doing suits you. It was too hot to take the dog out, I wanted to sketch but nothing in my village, nor I wanted to take the car, nor whatever. In the end I've just drawn from the corner of the sofa I was sitting on. But I still want to draw something else... But this will be, probably not today.

Some call this boredom, others laziness... ;)

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Monday, August 22, 2016

Bikesketchwalk with my daughter


A wonderful summer day, not so hot, and with a deep and intense blue sky. A daughter who loves sketching. Great quiet places around to get by bike. 

When all these factors get combined together there's only one possible solution: sketches are below!

My first sketch, with my bike in there. I had been before in Villeneuve (see for example: https://imaginecarolinadeluca.blogspot.fr/2016/03/a-beautiful-spring-afternoon-httpwww.html), so I put my bike there to make it a bit different.

My second sketch, my daughter finishing her sketch :)

And my daughter's sketch. I'll have to practise more to catch up with her!

Finally, a picture: Bikes, sketches, my daughter and myself.

What a great and satisfactory afternoon :)

Friday, August 19, 2016

Summer Souvenirs


I am already starting to feel the end of Summer... a feeling which comes two folded. First, the nostalgia from knowing that before I realise, holidays will be over. Then, the envy to paint, to draw, and even to put in order my studio, maybe as a metaphor of putting also in order my ideas, and sorting out on which projects will I focus first. 

This afternoon I decided to make a sketch that, without realising, condensates these two feelings. These are four of the sea shells my children picked in Normandy, during our family holidays. A symbol of this Summer, yes, and also a way for me to get off, a bit, this urge for drawing that is already building up inside!

Detail of the seashells. And I have so many more to draw!

And the full sketch. Because when I finished with the seashells, I still wanted to sketch something more, and the watercolor box in itself is such a great subject!

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Saturday, August 13, 2016



With small children my summertime is not much like this, but for sure it's how I will remember it when I'll be working again!