Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Letting myself go

Drawing is for me, before anything else, a pleasure. And yes, in the end, in life, one must have fun. Because it is only by having fun drawing, that we will draw over and over again, and while drawing, get better. It is funny how often people think we can develop muscle to run a race, but not to draw. And, by "getting better" I don't necessarily mean, as often people think, to be able to draw exactly what you see in front of your eyes. It is more about developing your own unique way to express yourself. To give this special value to things. Think it this way: it is obvious we all have our own handwriting, all beautiful and unique in their own way. Why, if drawing is so much related to handwriting, should be different? 

If you like to draw, just do it. Without thinking too much. This is a free drawing I made yesterday night in one of my multiple "telephone drawing" notebooks, and doing it was fun, and it gave me new ideas for newer drawings that I might think better :) In the end, inspiration, creativity... is all about this. Letting yourself go. Free.

PS. When doing classes I am always faced with the preconception (or misconception!) that drawing well means being able to transfer the reality as it is to a paper with your hands. And how wrong is that. Maybe I'll get to show this one to my students so they'll also learn to let themselves go, without any fear or complex!! 

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