Wednesday, September 28, 2016

In Gex

Today is a beautiful day, sunny, warm, and quiet. Yes, quiet because I already did the hard work for this week, so today I took it easy, and I relaxed. And when I am really relaxed it seems like the noises are less noisy, and that everything in general is more calm. Gex was calm today. Quiet, nice, sunny, and welcoming. Because the center of Gex is beautiful. With its little steep streets, with the old village houses all with their colored shutters, the squares lost in between the houses, and the atmosphere of a still a small village, even though Gex became a city many years ago. 

In the center of Gex there are two main streets, both going upwards to the city hall. Today, I first draw one, in one of these little squares. Rue des Terreaux is where the weekly market in Gex takes place, every Saturday morning.

When I had finished I had still some time, so I just walked around, and took the other street, which goes mostly parallel to the first one, and that is called Rue du Commerce. Rue du Commerce is narrower and steeper than Rue des Terreaux, and is full of nice village houses with shutters. I found one spot in the shadow, facing downwards, and just did a quick quick sketch, before running to pick up my daughter from her theatre class.

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