Monday, September 19, 2016

Expo Crozet 2016

And, finally, all that brainstorming I started talking about two entries ago was about this. This poster. For some of you it might seem a bit too much... whaaat?? for a poster?! but yes, indeed after a well done poster there's a lot of thought and care! This one is for an Art Exhibition, in Crozet, the first weekend of October.

Each year during the exhibition the artists have a contest among themselves about a given topic. This year the contest is themed "Black and White" (Le blanc et le noir), and that's why I was forced to go back in time, to what it seemed ages ago, when I mostly drew but seldom colored my drawings, and my brainstorming brought back illustrations like the ones in my twenties. Even these patterns, they go all the way back to my seventeens. Although the patterns, they never completely abandoned me.

So, if you are around, you are all invited to the Art Exhibition. As last year, I will be exposing my latest works, together with other artists of my village. And there will be paintings, photography, and other craft arts like clothing works. 

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