Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Sketching houses


Life is full of unexpected things. I started going out to sketch, just to have fun, to pass some nice time, to have a break in between projects... for many reasons, but definitely not to sell my drawings, or to make sketches on command. It wasn't the goal, but it came with it, and I welcome it! And I can't avoid thinking this came up because I was just enjoying what I was doing, without getting stressed out with it. Because yes, when we don't think too much, sometimes things get done by themselves, in their own nice way.

This Spring I didn't go out very often, at least not as often as I've been thinking I'd do during the cold winter months and I used to imagine how much I would sketch when my feet would not be freezing after 10 minutes. But in the end again things turned out to be different: I had work I had to do indoors, it was raining for two months with almost no pause, and then I had some houses to draw on commission for which I profited every break the rain would give us. 

Below I share two of these sketches which I did during this last month. 

The first one is another typical old farm. This little house is part of a row of houses in Thoiry, the full row is beautiful, and one day I'll draw it all together, house by house. In the same property there are other nice corners too. I am lucky I got to meet the owner, a retired man who is now taking care of the property, and he welcomed me to come back and draw whenever I want to! :D
Old farm now a house in Chemin de Baizenas, in Thoiry.
For an family from the EEUU who lived there over the last year, and who are soon coming back to their house in the US.

The second sketch is of another quite typical kind of house in the region I live, a wooden chalet. And yes, in the end I live in France, but very close to Switzerland, where houses like this one, in the mountains, are often seen. This drawing forms part of a series that I'll do over this year's four seasons. Next one will be coming in August. 

Typical mountain wooden chalet, in Crozet. For a couple that has lived there over many many years, and who will have a series of their house during this year's four seasons, starting with Spring 2016.

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