Saturday, January 16, 2016

Going back to Farges

This afternoon I was in Péron again, and I had an hour to draw, so I decided to go back to Farges. I hadn't been there since a long time, years, almost since we arrived in the region and were looking for a house. We then came to Farges to visit a house, and I loved the village. But in the end life brought us to another beautiful village, and Farges is not close to anything in my routine... until now. And it didn't disappointed me, I liked it as much as I'd done back then. It was really fast to find a spot and sit to draw in my foldable stool. This is the main road that traverses Farges, it is called Rue de la République, and it unites the village with the other villages around. With the snow that have fallen in the night, Farges had everything to offer.

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