Friday, November 20, 2015

House portraits

One of the fun things of drawing in the street is that, sometimes, you get to know people. In general, people who see you is shy, and many not dare to even say hello, because they are afraid of disturbing you. But others, they approach, they look, and comment. I like it very much when this unexpected chat happens. Sometimes, some of these brave ones even ask you if you'd do a drawing of their house, so that's even better :) 

Then, once agreed, I go to see the house, we decide things like the size of the drawing, the view, the season, whether it should be sunny or it doesn't matter, and all sorts of stuff like this. When the day arrives, I go to the house with my little foldable stool, my pencils, pens and watercolor box, and make the drawing. 

The drawing below was done for some friends of mine. They wanted a portrait of their house in autumn, if possible in a sunny day. It was kind of tricky this autumn to get a full sunny day before all the leaves had fallen, as autumn mornings are usually really foggy here, and then days become shorter and shorter, leaving less chance for some sun after the fog opens up. 

After waiting and checking the weather forecast for a couple of weeks, finally a sunny day came up! And so I went with all my stuff and my small sketchbook, and did the drawing in small size so I could finish it before the sun light vanished behind the mountains. Then calmy and once at home I did it big size, and this is what this beautiful house in Thoiry looks like!

Who wouldn't want a portrait of a house like this?

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