Sunday, October 2, 2016

La Foulée

This weekend has been very busy, with the exhibition and then today the cross in Crozet. Because it is difficult to have a lot people to draw in small villages, I always want to profit of the events taking place in mine. I get people to draw, but also a nice diary of what goes around here, which is also fun and interesting.

Today it was the 14 edition of the cross in Crozet. Many people run, from the eldest to the youngest children in the village. The foulée is fun, not only to draw, but also to be there. Today I was there with my dog, and I moved around to sketch different people. Some of them I knew, others I didn't. And it was tricky, because everyone, public and runners, moved a lot around!

The image is very wide, and you can click on it to view it larger.

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