Monday, March 28, 2016

Dying Sea

It is always more difficult to show negative feelings that good and happy ones. We all have our Facebook walls full of happy pictures, happy messages, always having fun, always smiling. We only share negative things and show our anger when it is caused by something that does not affect us deep inside, and sometimes because it just makes us seem better. But then little of us do something real about it other than a rant. We live projecting this fake image of happiness and a perfect life, but in reality, our lives are complex, plenty of ups and downs, and full of contradictions. 

I guess this is why it is more difficult for me to share my last illustration. It expresses my sadness about something that is not me, but it came from inside, so I guess that makes it very personal.

This is about a dying sea, being eaten by ourselves, by our cities, our garbage, and our profound egoism. To me, this inspires a very deep sadness, and as much as it costs me sharing my feelings, I do it with the hope you will get caught as well by it. Maybe later things can start to change.

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