Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Little village life


Little villages as where I live do not have many services. In fact, in Crozet there's only a bakery (boulangerie), and not much else. But, once a week, the barber comes in with his portable barber shop and parks it in the parking lot next to the bakery. 

Isn't that authentic?

After finishing this entry, I grew curious and looked in the web thinking maybe the man had a website... and I found this article 
If you are curious too, don't hesitate to have a look!! His, it's a story of courage and survival...
The article is in French though ;)


  1. I followed the link to the article about the hairdresser in the camping car ... I immediately recognised him on the pictures, I think I must have had my hair cut by him a couple of times when I lived in Saint Genis-Pouilly for a couple of years. He was still working in a salon in Rue de Genève, if I remember correctly (that was back in 2007-2008). Time flies!

    1. Thanks for your comment, Al Pacheco. I really like it when I get to know a bit more of the history behind a live sketch :) Cheers!